An article by Sandra Carson: The Mighty Psoas

A detailed exploration of one of the body’s major muscles: the magical and mighty psoas

“Some years ago, at the end of a regular vinyasa yoga class, something remarkable happened. As I prepared my students for relaxation, I moved them into softer reclined hip release poses after an intense yoga class. I dimmed the lights in the room, instructed some gentle releasing poses, and guided my students back to their soft, natural breath. As the energy slowed down and became heavier, and they began letting go of their efforts, they sank deeper into their bodies. It was then that I noticed something unusual. A few bodies starting to move, waving, trembling in their hips and legs. The students did not seem to be doing anything themselves, it was their bodies moving independently, on their own accord. Looking over to one student I saw she had become visibly emotional, tears rolling down her cheeks. When I checked in with her, she shared that she felt sad, and assured me she was fine.”

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