Anusara Yoga Festival Samavesha

Theme: Immerse in Bliss
March 10- 14th, 2021
Bath, United Kingdom
Samavesha means:
  • To immerse oneself into something one is already a part of.
  • To unite with the whole that one was never separate from.
  • To come together as one kula* to learn, collaborate, practice, and grow.

* Kula originally was a community gathering at the teacher’s home. Anusara uses it to describe a community gathering.

Enjoy a celebratory yoga gathering of our global Anusara Kula:

  • Advance and deepen your asana practice.
  • Connect, collaborate, and cultivate bliss with our community of the heart.
  • Bathe in wellness and savor your meditation.
  • Learn from skilled yoga teachers and reveal the bliss that is innately you through asana, meditation, philosophy and music.

Samavesha 2021 will be held in beautiful and historic Bath, United Kingdom.

  • Bath is known as a healing center, with historical Roman baths.
  • Immerse yourself in the experience of a lifetime.
  • Allow elegant and exciting architecture to inspire you to flow with the natural healing rhythm that transcends time and space.
Anusara yoga is practiced worldwide in 88 countries. As a non-profit, teacher-led global yoga school, licensed teachers along with students share an overarching philosophy:

  • Life is good.
  • We reflect each other’s greatness.
  • Our Attitude, Alignment, and Action come from our hearts.

No matter where you are in your Anusara yoga journey, this event will inspire you to dive into our growing community. We look forward to seeing you in Bath!

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