About Anusara

Anusara yoga is a hatha yoga practice that combines unique Principles of Alignment with an uplifting philosophy from Ancient India. It takes you straight into the Heart of all that is. Recognition of our innate fullness and beauty as well as expressing these qualities on the Yoga mat and in daily life are the hallmarks of the Anusara yoga practice.

Since 2012 the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga (ASHY) is an organisation that has been run and led by Yoga teachers with the vision “to foster a unified community that inspires and supports all practitioners of Anusara Yoga from local to global.” Originally founded by John Friend in 1997, the School is built upon three strong foundational pillars:  Non-dual tantric philosophy (Kashmir Shaivism), Universal Principles of Alignment (TM) and a focus on practicing together in community (Kula).

Everything is supreme Consciousness – nothing exists that is not supreme Consciousness. This sums up the message of non-dual Tantra/Kashmir Shaivisim, a philosophy of thought that comes to our modern Yoga world from Ancient India. This Consciousness exists as our own innermost awareness, and it is the energy and reality that flows out into embodiment to become everything, including all parts of ourselves, from the place of inner wisdom to our thinking mind and physical body. The idea that the body/mind is an expression of innate fullness and beauty is woven throughout Anusara Yoga classes in form of an inspiring class theme. This cultivates awareness and recognition from deep within. Therefore, it can turn your practice into an uplifting, life transforming experience.

The Universal Principles of Alignment (TM) are a set of principles that honour the biomechanics of each individual student. Their application during the asana part of the practice assists in moving the body/mind into a state of balance where Prana can flow evenly so that the pathways towards Recognition of our true nature are opened and revealed.

Community (Kula) is the culmination of the practice. It brings students and teachers from all over the world together to celebrate their connectedness to each other as well as their connectedness to the graceful power that holds us and expresses itself through us as us. The Anusara community meets regularly at Regional Events and Global festivals. It is an all-inclusive practice which embraces diversity in all its forms.

Anusara yoga has a teacher training curriculum at the 200-hour and 300-hour levels that is highly respected and provides the foundation to teach classes from basic to more advanced. We learn how to take care of a wide variety of students so that everyone can enjoy a challenge and take their practice to the next level. One of our goals is that, at the end of each class, each person should feel at least a little better about themselves, maybe because of the uplifting theme, maybe because they went a little deeper in the poses through the principles of alignment, or maybe they just had a good time with all the other good people you meet in a yoga class.